A quiet spot

The Schlein Family Vineyard was purchased in 1976. It is located in Oakville, one of the finest locations in Napa Valley to grow grapes. The entire planted vineyard is terraced which allows for excellent drainage.  All farming is done organically and the grapes are carefully picked by hand.

Aaaron Fishleder and his land management firm, Vinescape, tend to our land and work closely with our nationally recognized wine maker, Corey Beck. Because of the elevation and the sloped terrace, the vineyard is rarely affected by the morning fog that blankets much of the Napa Valley floor. This give the grapes additional time to be exposed to the sun.

We believe in the concept of producing an estate grown balanced wine. And we do it. We do all the little things to make a unique wine.

One example: we thin the grapes to get the best quality. By reducing the yield, only the best clusters of fruit remain to receive a larger share of the vine's nourishing energy. This results in a greater concentration of flavors, adding dimension, depth of character and increasing the wine's longevity.

Balance in taste and flavor is a strong point of differentiation about our wines. We are and wish to be different than other cult Cabernets. Our wine is known as an elegant, beautifully balanced long finish wine.

Our family wine was first released in 1996. For the first three years, winemaker Joe Cafaro made wines with 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. In 1999, he began adding a little bit of Merlot to soften the edges. We also made a small amount of a Bordeaux style blend, Sophie's Rows. The blend was Cabernet, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc.

Emilio's Terrace and Sophie's Rows vintages were both aged 20 months in
new French Oak barrels (95%) and new American Oak (5%) before they were released.

MoonSchlein, our third brand, was aged for a shorter amount of time and was a wonderful affordable wine.

Emilio's Terrace and Sophie's Rows wines were certified by the CCOF as organic. In total, since we are a boutique vineyard, we produce fewer than 1,000 cases a year and are involved in every single step along the way. We will continue to produce wine this way. 

We view our property as a refuge from the hectic pace of everyday life, and a place where we love relaxing with family and friends. It's a rare weekend when there is no one visiting.  We believe that the fun, warm and inclusive spirit of the Oakville property contributes to the special character of our three wines.

Although we are not open to the general public, we do conduct private tours/tastings several times a year. Please call or email our Sales and Marketing Director to inquire about these tours. (See the contact page.)