Gathered Grapes

Again, our philosophy is closeness of family, passion for what we do together and our desire to produce a truly balanced wine.

Today, in the hustle of life, there are so few things that an entire family can partner on over the course of time. This is a passion we all share.

Our goal from day one has been to develop and nurture a balanced Cabernet and we have been successful.

"Balance" is when the fruit, alcohol, oak and tannins in the wine are all in harmony, with not one overshadowing or overpowering the other. A balanced wine enhances food and adds a complexity to the meal that you don't experience with a wine that has too much oak, too much tannin or too much alcohol.

Our winemaker Joe Cafaro went further to add "balance for me is the marrying of all wine components: appearance, aromas, flavors, finish and length to enhance and complement a meal as well as age gracefully. A balanced wine has many layers of aroma and flavor that go with different dishes. A balanced wine is big and bold without overwhelming the meal." And with winemaker Corey Beck joining us recently, we continue the same dedication.

As the owner and grower and producer of fine Oakville, California wines, we are the right size to be involved in every step, and sample every cask from every year for every wine.

We love wine.