Cutting grapes from vine
Sophie's Rows

2003: Our first vintage of this remarkable wine. Elegant and balanced, yet with a richness that lasts through the long finish. The wine is a blend of 85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Petite Verdot and 5% Cabernet Franc. Aged in French oak for 23 months and bottle-aged for 2 years before released, this wine should be cellared for 6-8 more years to see it mature into the queen that it was intended to become.

2004: Another winner with the same blend as the 2003, this wine too is one to put away for years to come. Even now this rich, elegant wine fills the mouth with richness and has that long finish that will not disappoint. It should be cellared for another 5-7 years.

2005: This is our third vintage of Sophie's Rows. It is made in the Bordeaux style, using 85% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes blended with Petit Verdot (10%) and Cabernet Franc (5%).The result is a wine of deep color and a firm yet supple structure–and a bright, fruity flavor with the pleasing intensity and spice qualities of Schlein's Vineyard. The 2005 should age beautifully for many years to come.

2006:  Our 4th vintage of Sophie’s Rows is an elegant Bordeaux style blend of 87% Cabernet Sauvignon, 9% Petit Verdot, and 4% Cabernet Franc.  Like Emilio’s Terrace, Sophie’s Rows is 100% estate grown and 100% organically grown at our Oakville vineyard. Our 2006 vintage is deep in color with a firm and supple structure.  The wine is rich in tannins that are tightly integrated with the fruit, and possessing typical Schlein Vineyard characteristics of concentrated and focused multi-layers of blackberries, blueberries and cassis flavors intertwined with violet, espresso and chocolate aromas; all of which combine to create a long lingering layered finish. As in all Schlein Vineyard wines, this latest vintage of Sophie’s Rows is artfully well balanced, with just the right amount of acidity to compliment food as well as to gracefully age over the years. Sophie’s Rows is made in limited production/334 half cases.  

2007:The wine is a blend of Bordeaux varietals grown on the Estate with the majority being Cabernet Sauvignon which is the flagship of our property. Sophie’s Rows has a saturated ruby-purple color, signaling ripe fruit and high extraction. The aroma expresses classic Estate Cabernet Sauvignon character of black cherries with hints of violets.  The palate reveals an opulent texture with sweet intense fruit scented with vanilla and toasty notes. Framing the lavish texture are chocolate, sweet tart fruit and blackberry flavors that linger on the finish, a characteristic of the vintage. Sophie’s Rows is a wine that is approachable now but also has the weight and density to age for 10+ years.

Sophie's Rows -- alcohol --13.9%

Cabernet Sauvignon (CS) --lot 1-- 30%

CS lot 2 --55%

Petit Verdot --10%

Cabernet Franc --5%

Emilio's Terrace

1996: Our first vintage of Emilio's Terrace, a rich, full and beautifully balanced 100% Cabernet Sauvignon wine that was aged in new French oak for 22 months. In 2009 it is still drinking well and will for 2–5 more years.

1997: A beautiful 100% cabernet wine that has deep chocolate layers and plenty of backbone for aging.

1998: Our 100% cabernet wine has proved the critics wrong again about this vintage. Drinking beautifully now with a rich elegance that is still coming through.

1999: Perhaps our best wine of the 1990s. A 100% cabernet with great balance and elegance. Drink now or hold for another 5-7 years.

2000: This wine is a blend of 96% cabernet with 4% merlot that is drinking well, but it should not be held too much longer.

2001: A 96% cabernet and 4% merlot blend, aged in new French oak, that still shows wonderful acid and yet has a lot of fruit still coming through. This is a wine that can be enjoyed now or cellared for 5-7 more years.

2002: A little more fruit-forward than our other vintages, this wine, 96% cabernet and 4% Merlot, is drinking very well now or you can hold it for another few years for even more enjoyment.

2003: The nose of this 96% cabernet and 4% Merlot wine is rich and full, with lots of Oakville spice coming through. A delight now or hold for another 4-6 years. This is an especially wonderful wine.

2004: Plenty of tannin in this 100% cabernet wine, yet it is full of fruit with a hint of chocolate and our well-known Oakville spice coming through both in the nose and mouth. Another 3-5 years will do this wine great service.

2005: This 100% Cabernet Sauvignon has an intense nose, full ripe flavors of red fruit, and the intriguing spice our vineyard is known for. As young as it is, the 2005 is beautifully elegant and well balanced. It can be enjoyed immediately for its youthful brightness. Or, lay it down and see it mature in four to six years into something extra special, with increasingly rich fruit and an even longer finish.

2006: The 2006 growing season was characterized by cooler than average temperatures.   We held off harvesting by seven to ten days.  The extended hang time has rewarded us with an exceptional vintage.  The wine carries aromas of violets, dark chocolate and espresso, and immediately presents a multi-layered flavor of blackberries, blueberries and a touch of cassis.  These flavors are concentrated but well balanced, leaving a long, lingering and flavorful finish.  The tannins integrate seamlessly with the fruit notes, providing texture and overall balance.  The wine has the right amount of acidity to allow it to age beautifully.  Our 2006 wine is blend of 93% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Merlot and 3% Cabernet Franc, all organically grown on our terraced Oakville vineyard.  This vintage will have been aged 20 months in new French oak and an additional 16 months in the bottle before release in the 4th quarter of 2009. 

2007:  The 2007 harvest was a winemaker’s dream, and quite possibly the vintage of the decade. An unusually dry winter gave way to a warm, dry spring, which significantly reduced the drop size.  Conditions such as these typically produce very highly-concentrated grapes and the wine that follows is dense and loaded with ripe dark fruit. Because there were no heat waves during the summer months, the fruit matured slowly and evenly, resulting in full phenolic development and ripeness, making it a perfect vintage.  Harvest commenced in mid October and we had the luxury of picking the Estate block by block and ensuring each varietal reached it maximum potential. 

The 2007 Emilio’s Terrace is loaded with ripe red cherry and rum raisin scents, which are telltale hallmarks of the Schlein Estate. Since we had the luxury of extended hang-time in 2007, these flavors have been accentuated by the fruit concentration.  The wine is highly fragrant, offering decadent aromas of cherries, blackberries and sweet French vanilla. Well-integrated tannins and a long, lush finish create the ultimate stage for this year’s fruit. 

Emilio’s Terrace -- alcohol --13.8%

Cabernet Sauvignon (CS) lot 1 51%

CS lot 2 -- 40%

Merlot -- 3%

Petit Verdot  --1%

Cabernet Franc -- 5%

2008: 88% Cabernet Sauvignon and 12% Petit Verdot. Aromatically, the wine offers ripe black cherry with hints of sweet vanilla.  The palate is soft and luscious with flavors of dark plum and blackberry, finishing with soft supple tannins.



2006: We love our MoonSchlein blends and they can be enjoyed within a few years of their vintage. This blend is 83% Cabernet Franc, 11% Petite Verdot and 6% Cabernet Sauvignon.

2007:  MoonSchlein – alcohol --13.5%  

CS -- lot 1 -- 48%

CS -- lot 2  -- 27%

Merlot -- 5%

Cabernet Franc -- 17%  

Petit Verdot --- 3%